Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The holidays always seem a bit depressing to me. Mostly because just being around my family stresses me out and this year I am living with my family once again. Bring it on depression! I vow to never be living at my parents house during the holidays again. Another depressing thing is I don't have alot of extended family so it's usually just me, mom dad, brother(s), sister, and great aunt. This year great aunt and older brother are in California but we will have the addition of E and possibly sister's boyfriend. This is how things will go: (Are you ready E? I'm predicting the future. He loves it when I do this.) I will wake up early, go downstairs, and view the mess that has become the kitchen over the past two days as my dad has begun to prepare the food and not clean up anything as he goes. My mood immediately becomes bitter because I will have to start cleaning becasue noone else is going to do it. I will also begin to prepare the one and only casserole I am in charge of making. My mother and sister will enter the kitchen at some point and begin preparing the casseroles or other food stuff they are in charge of making. My little brother will probably be sleeping or in his room watching TV because he never has to do anything inside of the house (bitter just thinking about it). The remainder of the morning will be spent cleaning up after everyone until it is time to eat. Eating will take approximately 20 minutes after the hours of preparation. Then there is more cleaning and putting stuff away into the refridgerator where there is no room for all the stuff. This will require more cleaning. Then? Mom and Dad will go sit in their recliners in the living room and fall asleep, little brother will go back up to his room, and sister will go to her boyfriend's house. This leaves me and E. E will go to New Orleans at some point and I will be left alone with the dog and the mess and my misery.

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hedleylamarr said...

wow, i am uplifted by your holiday cheeriness.