Monday, November 17, 2008

People with Mental Retardation

I dreamed about the retards last night. I know I call them retards and tell funny stories, but those people changed me for the better I think. They creep into my dreams from time to time and I love that. Some of them would be so fucking happy to see me everyday even if it was only because I had something they wanted(usually mail). Sometimes I would just stare at them and wonder what the hell they were thinking about when they were staring off into space because it had to be something but they just didn't have the ability to explain. And, god, were they funny. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Also in my dream somebody died but was resusitated. I was watching it happen through a window where a blind had been closed but not all the way and I was peeping through the space. I tend to believe that dreams are subconsious thoughts playing out, but I don't even remember thinking about the retards at all yesterday.