Monday, December 1, 2008


So, parts of that last post came true. Others did not. I stayed at E's place the night before so I didn't really wake up early. I went home and began cleaning and making the shit that I was responsible for. Mom had already made hers. Went to gather my ingredients and noticed one very important thing was missing. I knew Dad had taken it even though he would have had to look over the one that he had purchased in order to find mine. I yelled at Dad for being inconsiderate and forgetful which, looking back, was completely mean and unnecessary. Then I made a drink. The night before I made little brother clean some things and bring the fake christmas tree in from outside as I knew my mother would want us to begin decorating soon. My sister came in at some point and made her dish which consisted of alot of garlic. Then something amazing happened. I finished making my thing and cleaning what I could and started dragging out decorations (the stuff is cooking, things have been cleaned, there is nothing else to do) when my sister offered to do the dragging out of shit instead. I couldn't believe it. So she was doing that and I was doing something else and although the little brother didn't really do anything he sat in the living room and looked at pictures and said funny things while we did. E came over during all of this and contributed to the entertainment. We ate, we cleaned, we continued decorating. I'm really glad E was there and we had a good time just being together. He left a while later and I took a nap. My friend Dana and I went out that night for drinks and a good time was had by all.

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