Friday, May 27, 2011

About those guns

So, a couple weeks ago my mom and little brother came to pick us up for dinner. We were on the way to the restaurant and mom says "Did I tell you Dad fired a gun inside the house the other day?" Um, no. Forgot to mention that one mom!
My dad found this old pistol that belonged to moy mother's father. He was messing with it outside and discovered that the piece that allows the chamber to rotate was broken(please excuse my lack of gun knowledge/appropriate terms). He fires the gun outside a few times and it does nothing but fire the same empty chamber over and overa gain. He takes the gun inside to continue messing with it while sitting in his recliner watching TV with the woompas cat on his lap. With the gun pointed away from all living creatures and towards the fireplace/mantel he decides to pull the trigger again thinking nothing will happen because it's broken. This time there was a bullet in the chamber and it shot through mantel. My little brother was upstairs and I can only imagine what those terrifying moments were like as he made his way downstairs. All is well now but after all those years with all those guns and children and people around nothing so dumb has ever happened.