Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where were we?

Apparently we were in August. Now it is November and I guess I got tired of posting on this stupid blog. So, for now, updates only.
Wedding planning began furiously and is now almost non-existent as we just moved into our new house this past Sunday! Except it is not going to be our house until January 22nd due to the unbelievable stupidity of the person who used to live there. I'm pretty sure the whole fucking horrible story is not even worth documenting since I'm sure neither Eric nor I will ever forget the agony of the past couple of weeks. So we're leasing until January and then it will be all ours if nothing else goes terribly wrong. I do love the house and am very much looking forward to painting and decorating and making it our own.
Halloween came and went without us dressing up and at the last minute deciding to go dressed as Christians. We went to a friend's for a bit where I stupidly drank whoop juice then we went to Blocktober fest downtown and had a good time listening to a band and watching a costume contest. After that we went to a little basement bar where I was only able to stay for approximately 15 minutes before I insisted Eric take me home before any more people could see me in that condition. Sometimes my smart shines through the stupid...
We have an engagement party scheduled for this Saturday thrown by our friends Dana and Johnny and I am very excited about that! There will be no whoop juice. I told my dad to come and bring money but he thought I said I was going to give him money so we'll see how that turns out. And speaking of my father, he has laid new boards on the deck in preparation for our upcoming nuptials! And I only had to cry a little!
Mom began her new job at another hospital and this time she'll be working psych so hopefully she will like it more than her last job.
Dad is having his knee replaced in two weeks and I'm a little worried about that but I'm sure he'll be just fine in time to walk me down the grass!