Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love life

E and I met over 10 years ago and neither of us will ever be able to pinpoint the exact date because, I suppose, it was nothing special at the time. Just another guy. Just another girl. Although he may tell it differently but I don't think he will. I know we knew each other fairly well in 1996 because his father recently gave me a picture of myself to give to E that I had initially given to him in 1996. It was not, however, the picture with the crimped hair that E had requested which was later given to him by my mother much to my dismay. I had written him a clever little note on the back and everything. I will have to check my old diary for the exact date but somewhere around this time, although I believe it was a year or so later, was when I had a short-lived crush on him but couldn't act on it because he was with another girl (not that my acting would have amounted to anything more than laughing at his jokes or batting my eyes). Later on when I was about a sophomore or Junior in high school E and I "dated" for about one month before I decided to call it off because it was getting to "serious." And by "dated" I mean made out with each other. Turns out this was a good move on my part because we had our first real grown up date on September 5th of this year. I am 26 and he is 28. Over the years we have been in and out of touch like good friends do when they go to college then move away for more college then get involved in other serious adult relationships. I moved back to this city at the end of August of this year and gave in to his many requests for a date. It's over two months later and we're in love. And I'm glad we didn't take things any further 10 years ago because it may have just fucked everything up. That was one of the first of many times my flighty, compulsive behavior led to things working out for the better.

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