Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I prefer it fried

Dad said the dog, who is supposed to be a pomeranian but looks more like a smallish black blob of a dog, has been eating his chickens. I find this hard to believe, but there are noticebly fewer chickens and the dog is really fat.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Apparently I love blogging about garbage.

Back to the interesting topic that is the neighbors' garbage can. Eric suggested that the garbage can is a community garbage can and now that just makes perfect sense. There's the one garbage can that sits out there all the time (there used to be two remember?). This is the only garbage can (other then mine) between the two four-plex apartment buildings and I've come to realize that all of the neighbors put their garbage in the one can and just leave it sitting out there on the street. But now someone has begun to take my garbage out of my can and do who knows what with it. Eric said just let them do it but I find this very weird and very creepy. I would never ever take someone else's garbage out of their can. Like I'm not going to notice that and what am I supposed to do now? Leave a thank you note? Weird fucking neighbors I have. Reason 52957 I would like to buy a house really really soon.
Moving on... Eric and I went to the New Orleans area to celebrate the holiday with his family this past weekend. It was lots of fun. Especially the part where Eric made me and his mother margaritas and I made Eric put extra tequila in them. Two nights of very interrupted sleep really makes you appreciate your own bed.