Monday, June 8, 2009

Most boring blog ever. Well, not quite.

It seems that my life is so boring even I don't want to write and/or read about it. Not really. I just am really not much of a writer/story-teller, and I have a hard time getting stuff down. Like, I was going to write this long, funny post about how I almost got arrested some weeks back when Eric and I went out of town to stay with Kristin but about half way through the story I got bored with myself so that post never came to be. The short version is after leaving the bar that Friday night me, Eric, Kristin, and Ryan stopped at a gas station so Kristin could get the much-talked-about chicken-on-a-stick, and upon leaving the gas station I forgot to turn on my lights. I then drove right past a police officer who immediately pulled me over. There was much debate between myself and the officer, then the officer and Kristin, then the officer and eric, then myself and the officer again, AND a breathalizer AND a HGN. I was let go after all of that. I will maintain that I have crazy good luck when it comes to me and breaking the law. I will also maintain that it always helps to have your attornery in the car with you at all times but especially when you are breaking the law. So , I guess its ok if I never win anything so long as I can continue to evade the law. That's my prize. Freedom.

Things I loathe. People Vervion. Part 3 follow up follow up.

So, although my neighbor tried to continue to use the garbage can I ran over, it was not up to par as a garbage can should be, so it no longer appears at the end of our driveway. However, the other garbage can remains until it too finds itself laying across the driveway, and meets the tires of my car.