Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I loathe. People version. Part 3.

-My neighbor(s) who leaves her gabage cans on the curb all the time.

She never takes the cans to the back of the house. They are always sitting there at the end of the drive way. She takes the garbage to the cans about twice a week and never moves the garbage cans away from the road. This really, really bothers me. Especially when the wind or the garbage man moves the garbage cans in the middle of the driveway entrance. I told Eric I was going to run them over the next time they are in my way. I then started talking about how I wanted to move the garbage cans somewhere so she would have to look for them and then go get them. I've even thought about leaving a nice little note on the garbage cans saying something about how lazy it is for a person to just leave their empty cans out by the road creating an eyesore for everyone driving or walking past. Yesterday Eric and I decided to go for a walk and when we were leaving the apartment I saw the garbage cans. I picked up one and moved it to the end of the block under a tree on the corner. Eric thought this was hilarious. I felt a little better just knowing the lazy neighbor would have to walk those few extra feet to retrieve her garbage can.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Snakes in the Pond

"A woman's just like a snake, the last thing that dies is her tail." -Truman Capote

One of the great mysteries in the world is why my father likes Truman Capote. I will never understand and that's fine because there are a lot of mysteries involving my father. This past Sunday I was at my parents' house and Dad was telling me about the two snakes he shot that morning because they were swimming around in one of his ponds eating the fish he had just purchased the day before. We go outside to take a look at the "water snakes" and the first one had already been cut open by my Dad so he could prove it had indeed eaten a fish. There was definately a fish in there. While looking at this aftermath Dad was poking the snake and it's tail was moving around a bit. That's when he quoted Capote although not exactly right but close enough. The second snake had yet to be disected so I took pictures while Dad cut it open. Two fish in that one. Dad was pissed that the snakes had cost him approximately 80 cents.

This past weekend was great. Eric found out he passed the bar exam last Thursday so there was much celebrating to be done (see Eric's blog). I am very proud of him and happy for him and glad all that waiting is over. He is being sworn in today and everything will be official.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The psychology of a psychiatrist

For the rest of this week my co-worker will be out and I will be covering for her. This is good because upon her retirement on the 30th I will be taking her position. So, this morning I rounded with the Attending (Dr. G) and other members of the team. Dr. G told me at the beginning of rounds that I am one of his favorite people in the world. I didn't know what to say except 'thank you'. Then I started thinking about just what the hell he was trying to do kissing my ass like that. Now, I really like this particular doctor, but it was strange and he probably tells everyone that anyway so I should just take the compliment and move on. Which I did.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dream a Dream for Hair

I dreamed about the retards again last night but all I can remember from the dream is that my friend Ryan had a new hair do. This is made more weird by the fact that 7 days ago Ryan text me: 'I think I'm going to try a new hair dew. The damn Shamwow guy (, whom I might add was arrested last week for beating up a prostitute, has the same style as me.' I suggested a few things he might try then forgot about the whole thing. Cut to this morning and my dream and me texting Ryan to let him know about the dream. He tells me he got his hair cut yesterday with new do and all. He even went with one of my suggestions. I think this is all very weird. I also think it is very funny that Ryan changed his hair because of the Shamwow guy. I don't know how he even got to that point but it's funny to think that he was watching TV or youtube one day and saw that commercial that was all "Goddamnit! Now I have to change my hair!" Hilarious.

Another not so funny story is that I'm getting new flooring in the bathroom of my apartment tomorrow. Since moving in I have noticed the smell of urine in the bathroom. This smell gets much worse after showering and on warm days. After much cleaning and trying to ignore I finally addressed this issue with the apartment company and first they checked(cleaned?) the "P-trap". Then I had to go about educating myself about a p-trap. The smell remained. So now new flooring and hopefully no more pee smell but my own.

In other news we are just waiting and waiting and waiting for Thursday afternoon to get here. It's only taken almost two months and I'm officially over the waiting. Lets move on already. Eric, I know you passed and I love you even though I dream about other guys sometimes. But never any of my ex-boyfriends so that's something right?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Things aren't always what they seem...

People frequently tell me that they think I'm stuck up and mean before they get to know me. I'm not sure how to take this. I gues it means that I LOOK stuck up and mean? If you don't know me then how would you even come to those conclusions? Beats the hell out of me. This doesn't really bother me much and I guess what bothers me most is that maybe people are avoiding me because I seem to be something I am not, which is an awfully complicated thing to be doing with someone who you don't even know. I guess its the same as me being annoyed by those really happy, hyper, always chipper and smiley people. But I don't think that because they are that way outwardly then they are thay way within. Perhaps I should. Perhaps. Anyway theres not a whole lot that can be done about this because I think its mostly that I have good posture and I don't smile a whole lot. The way I hold my face or something. Fuck it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ok, ok

Now for my monthly post.

All is well in gabieland. Nothing exciting has happened so there has not been anything exciting to report.

I have begun making coasters out of tile and cross stitching quotes for my friends and family. That in itself is evidence that nothing exciting has been going on in my life.

A guy I graduated school with was killed in a car accident a couple weeks ago. Brad Gibson. He visited me in my dreams this past weekend. This is weird because we were not friends, just acquaintances, and I haven't seen him in years. In my dream we were just kinda hanging out and talking. He was very sweet and I think that is how he was all the time.
This is how I imagine any sort of afterlife to be. I think when you're dead you're just dead and you sort of live on in people's memories. I don't believe in heaven or hell and I think those who do are irrational thinkers and need a way to cope with dying. Brad will live on for a long time because a lot of people loved him and will miss him terribly.