Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am not a christian. I used to be until about 8 years ago. This is hard for some people to accept considering we are in Mississippi, but the hardest thing for me to accept is the assuming. People often assume that I am a christian, and are shocked when they discover I am not. Then there is a whole conversation consisting of me defending my beliefs, or lack thereof. I'm not shocked to discover someone is a christian and when I do, I do not ask them to explain to me why.
I changed my mind about chrisitianity for a number of reasons. The main reason being it just didn't make sense to me anymore. I was growing up and learning new things and decided I didn't want to be associated with such a hypocritical religion, or any religion for that matter. I think that if someone needs religion to be a part of their life then that is their business, but I don't need it to be a part of mine and I don't need people to tell me this is wrong and that I am going to hell or as one woman put it "your soul is already dead."


hedleylamarr said...
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hedleylamarr said...

definitely understand your desire to not have to defend your beliefs, but i can understand that people are initially surprised and inquisitive b/c (especially in MS as you noted) it is out of the norm. it's like when i tell people that i have contracted PtERV1. it is out of the ordinary, so they inevitably ask if i've been fucking ancient apes.