Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apparently I love my dog the most

"I can hear my next door neighbor being nice to her cat through my kitchen wall. I don’t care for cats, but it’s oddly touching. No one talks to even their most loved ones in the same voice they use to talk to their pets." -From the archives of Sarah Brown's Que Sera Sera blog (http://queserasera.org/archives/2001_11.html)

That kind of shook me a bit. I should be nicer to my loved ones. You should hear the way I greet Gus everyday. It's pretty ridiculous. I put my shit down and pick him up and hug him and kiss him and talk to him. My family members, on the other hand, get a simple hello. Eric gets a hug and a kiss but not the picking up. That would be weird probably and bad for my back.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Way past my bedtime

The only good thing about being at work at 1:20 AM? The money.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New year, no words

So, this blog thing is not going so well as I can't seem to do it on any sort of regular basis. Anyway. Moving on.

Yesterday was an amazing day and I have no words to describe it. I am only 27 but I have never been so excited about a President and I can not imagine being this excited again. "Hope is a good thing, if not the best of things and a good thing never dies."

Even thought my dad can be terrible and mean I have decided to take him to see Grand Torino this weekend for his birthday. My mother told me about a week ago that dad wanted to see this movie which was strange because she doesn't think he has been to see a movie since before they were married approximately 30 years ago. Isn't that fucking strange? Then my older brother text me and said Clint Eastwood plays dad in that movie. Isn't that also fucking strange? So, I'm sucking it up and I'm taking him. My sister and little brother are going too so that will make it better. Will have to take a picture to commemorate the moment. I don't know what it is with my dad and movies. I guess some people just don't like movies. I've never known him to even watch a movie on television or rent a movie. It should be intersting and will probably never happen again.

I paid the deposit for an apartment yesterday. So fucking stoked about that. Living with my parents is close to hell. My mood is improving I promise.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

So, yeah, it's been a bit. As for the follow-up to the last blog I will say that my sister can definitely karaoke better than your sister.
The holidays were good. Better than last no doubt. 2008 started out bad but got better and better. I miss my friends in the last town and the retards. I love that my family is here and Eric and I are together. I expect 2009 will be wonderful and I feel like my adult life is sort of just beginning. Not really and resolutions here because I'm pretty much awesome. Just kidding of course. I think resolutions are stupid. Happy New Year.