Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I loathe. People version. Part 3.

-My neighbor(s) who leaves her gabage cans on the curb all the time.

She never takes the cans to the back of the house. They are always sitting there at the end of the drive way. She takes the garbage to the cans about twice a week and never moves the garbage cans away from the road. This really, really bothers me. Especially when the wind or the garbage man moves the garbage cans in the middle of the driveway entrance. I told Eric I was going to run them over the next time they are in my way. I then started talking about how I wanted to move the garbage cans somewhere so she would have to look for them and then go get them. I've even thought about leaving a nice little note on the garbage cans saying something about how lazy it is for a person to just leave their empty cans out by the road creating an eyesore for everyone driving or walking past. Yesterday Eric and I decided to go for a walk and when we were leaving the apartment I saw the garbage cans. I picked up one and moved it to the end of the block under a tree on the corner. Eric thought this was hilarious. I felt a little better just knowing the lazy neighbor would have to walk those few extra feet to retrieve her garbage can.

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