Monday, April 6, 2009

Ok, ok

Now for my monthly post.

All is well in gabieland. Nothing exciting has happened so there has not been anything exciting to report.

I have begun making coasters out of tile and cross stitching quotes for my friends and family. That in itself is evidence that nothing exciting has been going on in my life.

A guy I graduated school with was killed in a car accident a couple weeks ago. Brad Gibson. He visited me in my dreams this past weekend. This is weird because we were not friends, just acquaintances, and I haven't seen him in years. In my dream we were just kinda hanging out and talking. He was very sweet and I think that is how he was all the time.
This is how I imagine any sort of afterlife to be. I think when you're dead you're just dead and you sort of live on in people's memories. I don't believe in heaven or hell and I think those who do are irrational thinkers and need a way to cope with dying. Brad will live on for a long time because a lot of people loved him and will miss him terribly.


Eric said...

Since you spend a considerable amount of time with me, I feel like I should be offended since you say nothing awesome has happened lately.

Gabie said...

well, of course every moment spent with you is thrilling! i love you more than cookies and i'm ready for this upcoming and sure to be exciting weekend!

Eric said...

To be loved more than cookies has always been a goal of mine.

I don't know that I've ever witnessed you eating a cookie, though.