Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dream a Dream for Hair

I dreamed about the retards again last night but all I can remember from the dream is that my friend Ryan had a new hair do. This is made more weird by the fact that 7 days ago Ryan text me: 'I think I'm going to try a new hair dew. The damn Shamwow guy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns4mnmNBk1Y), whom I might add was arrested last week for beating up a prostitute, has the same style as me.' I suggested a few things he might try then forgot about the whole thing. Cut to this morning and my dream and me texting Ryan to let him know about the dream. He tells me he got his hair cut yesterday with new do and all. He even went with one of my suggestions. I think this is all very weird. I also think it is very funny that Ryan changed his hair because of the Shamwow guy. I don't know how he even got to that point but it's funny to think that he was watching TV or youtube one day and saw that commercial that was all "Goddamnit! Now I have to change my hair!" Hilarious.

Another not so funny story is that I'm getting new flooring in the bathroom of my apartment tomorrow. Since moving in I have noticed the smell of urine in the bathroom. This smell gets much worse after showering and on warm days. After much cleaning and trying to ignore I finally addressed this issue with the apartment company and first they checked(cleaned?) the "P-trap". Then I had to go about educating myself about a p-trap. The smell remained. So now new flooring and hopefully no more pee smell but my own.

In other news we are just waiting and waiting and waiting for Thursday afternoon to get here. It's only taken almost two months and I'm officially over the waiting. Lets move on already. Eric, I know you passed and I love you even though I dream about other guys sometimes. But never any of my ex-boyfriends so that's something right?

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Eric said...

Ummm...I may be actually more okay with ex's, since it's obvious you were with them at one point, but then decided not to be with them for whatever reason.

Waiting sucks. And publicly waiting is even worse. I get a message about once a day from a random friend asking "do you know yet?" It's annoying...