Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And now my Dad wears a neck brace

Sometime Friday, unbeknownst to me, my Dad fell down in the yard and broke his neck. But it's not really as bad as it sounds when you put it like that. Dad fell down and somehow got back up and decided he may have hurt himself so he had mom take him to the MEA clinic. They told him he had arthritis and possibly something wrong but they couldn't tell so call back Tuesday if it still hurts(amazing medical practice if you ask me, which you didn't). Cut to Tuesday when Dad has driven himself to the dentist to have stiches out(totally unrelated boring dental work story) and the MEA calls and tells mom that something is wrong with the X-Ray and Dad should call them immediately because I guess they can't relay the broken neck emergency information to the patient's wife(!). Dad calls and is told he has fractured his second vertebra and should go to St. Dominics right away. He does and has to stay over night and be fitted with a neck brace that he will have to wear for "six weeks or six months I can't remember." Awesome.
Not so important in the big scheme of things sidenote: My wedding is in five weeks!

Friday night Eric and I were given a Stock the Bar Shower by some of our lovely friends, and by our friends I mean Eric's friends who I have acquired through our relationship with one another. So that was awesome and we got lots of booze which I will surely need to get through the next month. I would like to start drinking more during the week, but it sort of interferes with my need to go to the gym and drink lots of water so we'll see about that.

Eric's bachelor party is this weekend and I'm sure they'll have lots of fun in New Orleans. I'm going to have lots of fun here cleaning my parents house and making my little brother help me replace boards on the deck since my dad can't help anymore. If he didn't want to help all he had to do was just say so or just sit there like my mom does. He didn't have to go and break his neck.

I think eventually these posts will get more positive.

Oh, and that reminds me, we officially own the house now as of Friday! So all that shit in November about not being able to close and how awful that was turned out to be what some would call "a blessing in disguise" because we didn't have to pay for that plumbing disaster in December! And I really do hate it when people say "a blessing in disguise" because at that time it didn't feel like a blessing it felt like our shit was in our showers and we had to clean it up.

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