Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And now we have no water

The weather here has been terribly cold. So cold that many many water mains throughout the city have burst and we are on our third day without water. This is pretty fucking bad but it is made worse to me because a month or so ago our sewage began backing up into our showers and they dug up our beautiful front yard and walkway to replace the entire pipe. I've gotten very good at the cognitive behavioral therapy technique of telling myself "I love this house so much" instead of "This house is bad luck and we are doomed."
We are set to close on the 22nd. Ten days. We have a stock the bar party that night and are going camping the next. It is much too cold right now to be outside.
We have so much to do to prepare for the wedding and my family is less than enthusiastic. I've given up on expecting them to do anything. I've also given up on expecting my friends and family members to be decent, considerate human beings. I'm thinking of giving it up myself. At least when interacting with them.

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