Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grey skys with 100% chance of crazy

When I walked outside to get into my car this morning I was surrounded by an alarming color. I don't know if I should say the outside of my house, the world, mississippi, or what, but everything was blue/grey. When I looked at my skin in this light it was very very pale which isn't suprising if you know me, but was alarming to me nonetheless. It was a very calming, soothing color that was partnered with really shitty weather. Then my thoughts went to the psychiatric patients I work with everyday. Interesting how our thougth processes work isn't it? I was thinking they go through all those medications and all that talking and poking and proding and all they really need is laughter. In some cases laughter is the best medicine I think. Most of the patients are sad. Really fucking sad. And maybe if they had something and someone in their life to make them laugh they wouldn't be so sad. Or maybe not. I don't know. I just know they don't laugh very much when they are here and probably not much at all and that really fucking sucks cause I laugh alot. I laugh with my family and with my friends and with my co-workers. I'm not suggesting that this is all it takes. There are many other things that can be wrong besides just being really fucking sad but I think there should be laughter and music.

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