Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Extensive update

I do not like my brand new federal government job. At all. Well, I like the money, but the lesson learned is that sometimes it's not worth the money and I don't think this is. Anyway, I've been here since Valentine's Day and I'm already exploring other job possibilities with three outstanding applications so far. Of course I'm in no hurry this time and I'm going to be sure that I will have a good chance of actually liking the job before I change jobs again. I just want to have a job that I enjoy going to everyday and that I will enjoy for a least several years if not the rest of my working years all together. I just don't think I have the ability to stay at a job I do not like just for the money and the benefits. I don't have that in me. My mom did it but I can't. Speaking of my mom:

That there is one of my favorite pictures of all time. I wish I knew my mom then.

Here is evidence of Dad firing the gun in the house:

Other happenings: We went to the Beale Street Music festival April 29-May 1 with Johnny and Ben and had a wonderful time. We had 8 windows replaced in our house June 14th. Eric got a new car at the end of April and his parents sold his Jeep last week. So long Jeep:

Some of the money from the Jeep sale went to purchasing a new television for the living room and that made Eric very happy. I am looking forward to volunteering at the Chick Ball this weekend.

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