Thursday, December 9, 2010

Apparently I don't like to blog

It's December and I'm still at this terrible job, but I have gotten a new one! I was "selected for the position" in September. I am now hoping to start by March. We'll see how that goes. It obviously takes a really long time to get a job with the federal government.
I don't like blogging very much because my life seems to be terribly uninteresting. So much has happened this year and yet I don't document any of it.

I was looking back at the blog and saw that at the end of December last year I documented things that happened in 2009 so I'll do that again for this year although just a bit early.

Things that happened in 2010:

-Sister-in-law got married January 2
-We bought our first home
-Amber had a baby
-We got married March 6
-We got a puppy in March
-We had Easter Eve at Eric's parents'
-Molly had a baby
-We went to San Francisco for our honeymoon in August
-Sister had a wedding in October
-I got a new job but did not begin new job
-Cary(Vicksburg), Kathryn(Jackson), Jessica(Eric's cousin, New Orleans), William(my cousin), Katrina(Biloxi) and Jeremy(New Orleans) got married
-Eric's cousin LeAnne had a baby
-My cousin Elsie had a baby
-Jason released a CD
-Bobby decided to go to Barbering school instead

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