Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On cohabitation or marriage

This morning Eric decided he would get up before me to take the puppy out and clean up the kitchen. The puppy is, of course, not yet trained so there is alway shit and piss to clean up. Anyway, I walk in the kitchen to help and Eric is smearing the shit across the floor into the grout between the tiles. I get angry because I do not understand why he can not just pick up the shit instead of wiping is across the floor. Why? Why is it so hard for men to properly clean up a mess? Have you ever seen a man clean up a liquid spill? They wipe it everywhere. The spill could be taking up a square foot and a man will wipe it around in an area twice that size to clean it up. I would put something on top of it to soak it up and then clean inwards toward the center of the spill so as no to make the mess any bigger. Makes sense.

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Eric said...

I like how you spent more time describing how I clean up puppy poo than telling people about our wedding.