Thursday, August 20, 2009

We're getting married

We were all set to leave for California after work on the 5th when the airline called and said our flight had been cancelled due to inclement weather in Dallas. We left early the next morning and arrived in California on the 6th. My brother picked us up at the airport and we headed to Huntington Beach. We had lunch and then headed up to LA to see a Dodgers game. We had time to kill so we walked around China Town where I learned that an ounce of gold is over a thousand dollars so I called my dad and told him he would not be getting what he wanted (I later got him an ounce of silver instead). The Dodgers were playing the Braves and of the 4 games they played this ended up being the only one the Braves lost. Eric was sad.

Friday night Ed had to work so Eric and I went to Main street and hung out with some of Ed's friends and went home somewhat early. Saturday we hung out with Ed and went to work with him that night at the Crazy Horse. We ate dinner before that of course and to kill sometime before going to the club Eric and I went to Barnes and Nobles and read magazines. The club was interesting and Lil John made a somewhat disappointing apperance. If we had only been up front in the crowd I could have had tequila poured in my mouth by Lil John!

I can't quite remember which day we did what, but one day we spent about an hour laying out on the beach. The water was so cold Eric and I didn't get in. Another day Eric and I rented a tandem bicycle and rode up and down the PCH for a little over an hour. We rode up to dog beach and watched the dogs play for a while and while we were watching them we spotted dolphins surfing! I was so cool to see that in real life and not just on TV.

Sunday we planned to walk the pier and drink all day. We walked down and had lunch at Savannah's by the pier then went to the pier and began walking and watching all the people on the beach and all the people surfing. It was a beautiful day. We walked all the way to the end because Eric wanted to and we saw two guys get in trouble for being so far out in the water. Someone said they had jumped off the pier. We started walking back up the pier and as we were looking over at the surfers Eric knelt down to tie his shoe. He called my name and when I turned around he was on one knee holding my beautiful ring. I think I said "What are you doing?" then "Are you serious?!" and Eric asked me again to marry him. I said "yes" and took the ring out of his hand because I think I was afraid he was going to drop it over the side of the pier. Ed took pictures of the whole thing and I am so glad he was there with us. We went to many bars that day and into the night and had an amazing time.

Monday we went to Knott's Berry Farm and rode the rollercoasters. That night we ate chinese food and watched a movie.

I am so happy to be engaged and even more excited about our upcoming marriage. Eric is amazing and I am very lucky to have him in my life.

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Eric said...

You make me smile.

I love you, too, G. I'm the lucky one...