Friday, May 8, 2009

Things I love. #2

-My siblings

In particular my little brother. I love all my siblings very much. It is a love like no other love but last night we went to my little brother's final high school choir concert so he gets the post love today. Bobby is one of the sweetest people I know. People tell my mother about how sweet he is all the time. And with being raised by a father like we have it's amazing we're not all in prison right about now. Bobby is graduating high school in a couple of weeks and I am very happy for him. I hope he goes on to college and majors in a subject that he absolutely loves, and that will lead him to a career that fills him with happiness. He is very talented and charismatic, much like our older brother, even though they are 12 years apart they have many of the same facial expressions and mannerisms, and sound just alike when they sing. When Bobby hugs me he kisses me on the head. I don't know why he does that or exactly when he started doing it, but it's alright with me.

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Eric said...

I like how he used to giggle when he was a little kid, then somehow he metamorphosized into a life-sized WWE Wrestler in the span of a few years.