Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apparently I love my dog the most

"I can hear my next door neighbor being nice to her cat through my kitchen wall. I don’t care for cats, but it’s oddly touching. No one talks to even their most loved ones in the same voice they use to talk to their pets." -From the archives of Sarah Brown's Que Sera Sera blog (http://queserasera.org/archives/2001_11.html)

That kind of shook me a bit. I should be nicer to my loved ones. You should hear the way I greet Gus everyday. It's pretty ridiculous. I put my shit down and pick him up and hug him and kiss him and talk to him. My family members, on the other hand, get a simple hello. Eric gets a hug and a kiss but not the picking up. That would be weird probably and bad for my back.

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